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How to shape neck for a sweater
The question is: I have knitted the back of a sweater and finished the armhole shaping. The next step is to divide for the neck. I did that by knitting the first 27 stitches, bound off 26 for the neck, then added the second yarn and knitted a second 27 stitches for the left side. Next is the neck shaping that I don't get. Row 1 says to bind off 7 anerd purl across. On the other side, bind off 3 and purl to the end. Row 2 says bind off 7 on one side and bind off 3 on the other. It doesn't say to knit back to the shoulder. Do I start binding off toward the shoulder at the neckline? That would not make sense, then I would have a point in the middle of the shoulder. I would think that I would start binding off at the shoulder edges only so that the shoulder slants upward toward the neck on both the back and front pieces so they match. The pattern does not say however to knit back to the armhole and start the binding off only on the edge toward the neck. How is this done?
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