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The exact directions read:

CO 49 stitches, marking center stitch with safety pin
row 2 (ws) knit
row 3 (rs) knit to 1st stitch before center stitch cdd, knit to end
row 4 knit
row 5 with first color indicated repeat row 3
row 6 with first color indicated repeat row 4

Repeat rows 3-6 until 3 stitches remain.
What happened to row 1? Did you do a LT cast on and skipped row 1 to do a WS row 2 as the first row instead? That could throw it off. Reading through the KAL a lot of people used a knit or cable CO which would be easier to pick up the sts in than LT.

...and everyone else posted while I was looking online and thinking, and the mystery is solved. I still wonder about row 1 though...
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