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Hi and welcome!
The important thing is to put the sts onto the holder on the same row of the cable pattern. I don't have the pattern but it looks like you'll be using these sts for the hoodie. When you knit the hoodie, you'd like the cables on either side to twist on the same row, just for ease of knitting. (If they twisted on different rows, it wouldn't be noticeable in the finished sweater, but you'd have to remember to offset the cable twist.)
You can do this by knitting the 10sts for the right front on the RS row and then moving them to a holder and continuing to knit across. On the left front, knit up to the 10sts, place those next 10 on a holder, turn and work back on the WS row. When you put the sts back on a needle for the hoodie, you'll slip the right side sts on the needle, pick up sts around the neck and then knit the sts from the left front. That should put you on the same row of the cable pattern.

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