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I like old fashioned Jergen's lotion. We used to use this in the 1960's, and I'm sure it's been around longer than that. Of course back in the day, we wore white gloves to social events and church. The remedy was to slather your hands in lotion and put an old pair of gloves on overnight while you slept. Your hands ended up unbelievably soft.

I bought Jergens recently at a Sam's Club. It was three huge bottles for like $12. It has the same cherry almond scent I loved as a kid. But they improved it, I think for the better. It's no longer so greasy you could go sledding on it. It quickly soaks into the skin and makes skin instantly soft. It even worked on patches of dry flaky skin that I've had for years. My elbows are no longer like alligator skin. Give it a try and see what you think.
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