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Problem with Neck shaping instructions! please help!
Im working on a pattern from 'Lace Style', called the featherlight lingerie dress by Mari lynn Patrick. Ive worked on patterns before but for some reason i'm not sure what the patterns calls for me to do.

here it is:

Shape front neck and armholes: Mark Center (33) sts for front neck. Next row: RS BO 17 sys, knit to marked center sts, join a second ball of yarn and BO 33 sts for front neck, knit to end.....

Where it says to "Mark" 33 sts, do i put those sts on a st. holder or do i knit the 33 sts? Im not sure what its telling me. i can only think to maybe put stich markers maybe? Im not sure what to do and it has me stumped! lol! and if i were to knit the 33 sts would i turn my work to bind off....sorry guys, im just confused :( I am working the neck and armhole shaping at the same time.
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