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Beginner thinks pattern is incomplete

I am a complete beginner but am trying to complete a cardigan for my baby which is due in March. A friend of mine has given me a knitting pattern and lots of help, but is too busy this week to come over and help me decipher the pattern. I have lots of time off for New Year, so wondered if you lovely people could help in any way.

I am using an old Patons pattern PBN D 2320, if that means anything.

I'm doing a 0-6 month cardi, and have completed the back. Now I'm trying to knit the girls right front with buttonholes. The abbreviated pattern is as follows:

Cast on 30.
Noting first row is WS work garter stitch for 3 rows.
Buttonhole row - (RS), K3, yfwd, sL1K, K1, psso, K to end.
Work garter for 3 rows.
Work border and patt thus:
Row 1 - (RS), K
Row 2 - P to last 7 sts, K7
Rows 3 and 4 - As rows 1 and 2
Rows 5 and 6 - K
These 6 rows set border and patt
Cont in patt as set for a further 4 rows, thus ending with RS facing for next row.

This is as far as I've got. It makes sense and my friend showed me how to do the buttonhole bit. The next bit gets confusing.

*** Buttonhole row - K3, yfwd, sL1K, K1, psso, K to end.
Work border and patt as set for 13 rows ***
Rep from *** to *** once more, then work buttonhole row again.

The next row is on the RS, so I can put the buttonhole in the right place. However, if I then "work the border and patt as set for 13 rows" then I'm not starting the pattern correctly as I'll be on the WS. I'll be a row out. I was wondering if you think I should just add the extra row and then start the 13 rows?

The next part of the pattern is equally confusing:

Work border and patt as set for 7 rows, thus ending with row 4 of patt and RS facing for next row.

If I do 7 rows, and there are 6 rows in the pattern above, then how on earth can I end on row 4 of the pattern?

I have worked out the pattern to coincide with the pattern I've created on the back of the cardi, up to 87 rows, but then in the making up part there are lots of instructions about knitting the neck and extra rows to do that. I'm definitely going to get help with that bit lol, but I just wanted to know if you thought all my extra rows and playing about with the pattern would mess the whole thing up?

I'm really hesitant to go off on my own on only my second project (my first were booties step by step from YouTube)

Any help or thoughts much appreciated! It's all a foreign language!

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