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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Nifty little project, beautifully done. Very pretty. I think I might just have to try this pattern myself.
It's so easy, Gramma! You knit the two sides, seam their bottoms together (I used mattress seam), seam the sides half way up...voila! done! Knit up some handles and the little flap (if desired) and you're done! I'm knitting another one tonight. yeah...this gramma is knitting on New Year's Eve. We have a fire roaring, the dogs are in their beds all curled up...and I'm knitting!

I found some Noro Transitions on Ebay, on sale. So my next bag will be the small version, just 9" tall. Noro Transitions is in the super bulky category.

I think I'll like this colorway! The US15 bamboo needles are still on their way to my house...but that's okay. You don't use them until the very last row, just after the decrease row of K1-P3tog across the entire last row. You knit the last row from your gauge needle right onto the US15 straights.

I might consider icord for the handles this time...jury is still out. Plus an i-cord closure that comes over the top and fastens around a nice big toggle or button. Lots of ideas over at Raverly projects. This bag has been knit a total of 541 times! So many cute modifications, too!

Plus, gauge isn't so critical! You could use two different worsteds or arans held double, or bulky + dk held double! It's a great stashbuster, IMO!
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