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So, now that your project is felted, you have a little felted shell, ready to fill up with something. Here is where the rice comes in...literally!

Just get a funnel, and pour in some rice. Make it full enough to feel like a beanbag, but not TOO full. It should feel kinda squishy.

Before you pour in the rice, you might want to add something else with it as well. Or you might want to use lentil beans instead. Some people even prefer to use dry pinto beans.

You might have already figured out what we are making here.

It's a hand warmer!!

When the project is complete, you can just toss it in your microwave for a few minutes to get it hot. Then, carry it in your pocket to keep your hands warm.

You can read more about handmade hand warmers right here:
How to Make a Rice Bag Hand Warmer

That article has some good advice about what to use inside your hand warmer:

For oil-scented rice, mix approximately one teaspoon of oil to a pound of rice in a jar and shake together until the rice is coated.

For herb-scented rice, mix one pound of rice with approximately three tablespoons of dried herbs (i.e. lavender, rosemary, etc.).

So, make your decision about what you want to put inside your hand warmer, before you seam it closed at the top.

To seam it closed, you will want to use very tight stitching, which will help to hold in the filling.

I hope you enjoy using your hand warmer, and remember the Knitting Help Forum whenever you use it.
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