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Originally Posted by b1uejeanz View Post
Well, I didn't make it to the store to get the knitting needles and yarn for the mystery project. It sounds like soooo much fun, but raining plus cold equals arthritis ouch. So I worked on my loom tube scarf. Its about 7 feet now and ready to come off of the loom!! Yay!

I just found the forums today and haven't thoroughly looked around, but does anyone else use looms or is everyone needles only? I'm starting with just a set of Knifty Knitter looms, but am enjoying it enough to start looking around at board looms for a tighter stitch and larger projects. I want to learn needles as well, but I've been following a lady on YouTube who also has arthritis and she said she can't use the needles as much as the looms anymore because it bothers her cervical spine. I have issues in my cervical and lumbar spine as well as hands and wrists. And on good days when the pain is managed well I'm usually painting.....
Hi...A little late, but I was just reading over the postings from last night and saw your post. I also have spinal arthritis, a pinched never, and a ruptured disc...and knitting with needles doesn't bother me at all...on the can position yourself however you need to when knitting with I hope you give them a try to see how you get on with them. Best wishes...

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