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Originally Posted by MudPuppy View Post
I am as new as new can get.
I have wanted to learn to knit or crochet for awhile but never really had the time. I didn't know much at all about either. Just yesterday literally I decided to buy the stuff for one or the other and give it a go. Ran across the Knook and thought I'd try that instead and bought the beginners kit. I for some reason just couldn't figure it out for the life of me- read the instruction book, watched a few video's and still nothing. So I happened to run across a how-to video on how to knit and watched it... didn't have any knitting needles but did have the 3 Knook needles. I decided to give it a go with those and made my first swatch last night, which didn't turn out too bad for a first-timer. I am now working on a simple headband. Still need to get some actual knitting needles but can't complain. Maybe I'll give the Knook a go again sometime in the future when I have gotten a better handle on knitting.

OMG!!! I love it!! You bought the knook but learned to actually knit instead. Congratulations on learning to knit!!!! I think you'll enjoy it a lot.

There's nothing wrong with knooking and some people seem to love it, I watched a few videos and thought I'd never get it and didn't bother trying. The same with loom knitting, it just looks cumbersome and more difficult.
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