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Though I said in my last post that I wanted to walk through all of the steps slowly, I am not sure how to finish this up

I sewed the knitted parts together the same way I always do: quite tight and with about one row of stitches drawn to the "inside". Maybe it is more clear in the picture:

The seam is on the inside and there will be a lining, so it just has to look good on the outside

Though I pinned it all out, I somehow managed to have 9cm on the one side and 11cm on the other

And as I sewed very tight and with some intermediate stitches to keep it all together, I was not willing to undo it all and just left it this way Not so much of a perfectionist, I guess...

As for the pinning, you'd think this would work:

I tried to keep the "columns and cables" of the front in line with the ones on the back piece. I think this worked out OK in the end.

Going around the corner:

I disaproved of this, as it just did not look right on the outside:

The purled part is too wide...

So I made the seam a bit bigger and this looked better:

One side

As you see, I left the lifeline in there - it was quite handy to use that as a reference

More sewing on the sides:

Finished (this part at least )

Then the lining
I am no hero with the sewing machine, and it did not really help that this one started to smoke like crazy. I opened up the motor, but couldn't find anything wrong so I just left it for another day and that seemed to do the trick Apparently, sewing machines can start to smoke after you haven't used them for a while - all due to the dust...

Here is the "puzzle" of the lining before sewing it all together:

It has a little inside pocket with a zipper - that was quite a challange!

The seams were all quite wide... the fabric itself is a bit stiff, so in the end it all turned out a bit "bulky". I guess using the bag will fix that problem... I hope I did not want to make smaller seams as the fabric needed to be seamed first - it falls apart on the edges quite easily.

To be continued - that will be the last one, I promise
It seems so easy...
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