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Yes, I also used a zigzag And 2 times a straight stitch - but this means the seams are about 1 cm (and a bit stiff).

Before I sew in the lining, I made the tassels. According to the description, this was the way to make them:
Cut one 8 long strand of yarn and one 12 long strand of yarn. Wrap yarn multiple times around a 3 long piece of cardboard. Cut the lower end to free wrapped strands. Tie the center of strands with 8 long strand. Fold strands in half over tie and wrap 12 long strand around all strands 1 down from top. Tie and draw ends into center of tassel. With crochet hook, join single strand of yarn in top of first tassel, make a chain 18 long, join in top of second tassel. Fasten off. Repeat with third and fourth tassels. Tie one chain around each side of strap as in photo.
I did do the part with the cardboard (40 times) and the 12'' strand. But instead of the 8'' strand to tie the center of the strands together, I used the crochet chain. I did the crocheting with 2 pieces of yarn, just like the knitting, so I could easily tie the ends around the strands without using any difficult knots

That is where I tie the strands together with an end of the crochet chain. I already took them all of the cardboard, which makes it a bit hard to stay at the center but otherwise the cardboard was really in the way.

Finished product:

As for sewing in the lining, this should have been very straightforward, but of course I managed to mess it up:

See how the seams of the bag don't add up with the seams of the lining? I don't know how it happened, but it just happened I know that I could take it apart again - but I just could not be bothered. Especially when my sister did not notice it until I pointed it out... Not sure how she could have missed that...

I connected the lining to the bag in the lower corners, around the zipper and on all the outer edges. I am not sure what to call the stitch I used... just basic hand sewing I guess... A bit of a zigzag.

A look inside:

Then there still was the buttonloop to fix on. I had already put on a button when the knitting was done - just really fast to show my sister what it would look like when I gave her the bag. Of course I forgot to put the button on properly before I put in the lining. So now I just keep my fingers crossed that my first little knot will hold that button in place
The description said to do this:
With crochet hook, join single strand of yarn in WS of flap edging 3/4 to the left of center. Make a chain 1 1/2 long, then join in WS of flap edging 3/4 to the right of center forming buttonloop.
And that is what I did, only not exactly 1 1/2'' but rather as long as seemed necessary for the button. I also thought the crochet chain did not look quite right, so I added a row of single crochet around it all.



And when you close the bag it looks like this:

A really small flap, isn't it? I am not crazy about the narrowness of the flap - it leaves holes at the sides... If I would make it again I would not decrease the stitches for the flap - I would increase them even more than I did now!

Here is the end result:

Back and open:

I do am happy with the end result, but I have to stress again:
It is misleading.

PS I did not crochet the seams of the bag. I am not that sure of my crocheting skills, though I did learn a lot the past month - and I did not think it necessary. Maybe if you sew it together differently, without inward seams, it will look better indeed.
It seems so easy...
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