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Knitting my first sock!
Hello all,

I'm new here. I've decided to try out a knitting forum to see if I can get some extra help or tips that my mother cannot give.

I'm a rather beginner knitter but I've done my practising on scarves and little squares that I'm ready to take it to the next step. I want to make my first sock!

So I've gone through and found my pattern and have the right yarn for the job and maybe 1mm too big of needles, but I figure since I'm not good at keeping my tension loose, that I will be okay.

I will post the pattern in my next post, as apparently I'm not allowed to post images or links until my post count is 1 or greater, lol. First off, it says to cast on 68 stitches, dividing them evenly across three needles. Then it suggests that it's 17 each which has my mind in confusion because if I do the math of 68/3, it's 22, 23, 23... so now I'm wondering if the pattern is messed up. Because as I decided to do the 22, 23, 23 and started to knit and purl (as pattern says) I ended with 2 knits which means I purl on the next one??? Or do I keep knitting and purling?

I'm extremely confused with the knit 2, purl 2, knit alternately instruction.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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