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The Norwegian Purling Option
I had to switch to Continental because I have something wrong with my right hand and could no longer maintain tension in English style. At first I knit the standard Continental way but I had trouble with purling and I hated ribbing and seed stitch because I was(as in English too I guess) always switching back to front and this exhausted my weakling hands and wrists.
I then found this Cat Bordhi video where she demonstrates how to tighten purl stitches for Continental knitters with tension problems. It's a great video, but the one that really helped me most is this one. This method is called Norwegian by most knitters I think and it even has its own Ravelry group.
I've found this method to be the best for me and you may want to try it. I still sometimes switch to regular Continental or Combined if I'm doing p3tog or some other tight stitch, but then I have to look up how to do it because I'm so used to Norwegian style now.
Ultimately, I think its faster even though it seems like more manipulation at first.
Whatever method you learn, I think it does take a few weeks of awkwardness because you had muscle memory built up with your old way and now you are a beginner again with your new way. When I first switched to Continental I was in the middle of a stranded mitten project and had to put it aside and knit garter stitch scarves and such for a bit. It was very distressing but it was temporary and now I love knitting again.
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