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Knitting baby package patterns?
Hello everyone! Last time I was on here, I was a newbie and had been knitting a baby jumper... I have now finished 3 and am in process of knitting a cardigan for my grandmother! I didn't give up and even got my boyfriend knitting a baby jumper

My aunt in-law is pregnant and we are not sure what she is having. I thought if she finds out I could knit more girly or boyish things but at the moment, I want to get started with some neutral things.

I went into John Lewis today for those of you who live in England/London and they have many sales on yarn!! I didn't have any patterns so I couldn't buy the yarn. Last time, I needed 6 100g bamboo yarn for my grandmothers cardigan which on retail price would have been 40-50 but since they were on sale in John Lewis I got all the yarn for 12! Bargain!!!

Anyways, can anyone help me with some patterns that have been successful? Also what should I make as a gift? As she is my mothers sister in-law, she is close and so I want to give her quite a few things. Also, I do not have children so I have no idea what size to make it? I reckon making it for 6-9month might be a good idea as some babies can be big and some very small...least the baby will eventually fit into it?

As a gift package, I thought baby little booties, cardigan, blanket, hats?? A toy maybe? I even thought about buying a cheap mobile for the cot and just make my own knitted characters lol I am really into colour work so if anyone has any good patterns that they can share, it would be brilliant!!

Thank you in advance
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