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Ribbing the Cuff
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Question about attached pattern
The attached pattern "Basic Seamless Bitty Pullover" by Christa Dicken was taken from

After completing ribbing, the pattern calls for a setup round of
k17, pm, k16, pm, k17, pm, k16, sm.

Then for round 1 (an increase round) it says
(k1, m1l, k to 2 sts before marker, m1r, k1, sm) repeat.

My question is if I knit to two stitches to the marker then add a stitch I still have 2 stitces remaining until the marker, but the pattern says k1 then sm.

Am I to knit one stitch then advance the marker one stitch forward, or knit the last two stitches after the m1r, or do the m1r prior to last last stitch?
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