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How to properly decrease?
Hey all. I'm about to set out knitting a teddy bear and have a lovely pattern to follow. Overall, after reading through it I understand what's going on and what I need to do (it's written for novice knitters).

However, I have only just begun to explore increasing and decreasing in a pattern. Increasing I understand and don't think I'll have a terrible time with. Decreasing on the other hand I need advice on.

Here's the instruction for one of the rows I'm having trouble understanding:

"Decrease 1 st at beg of row and each following 4 th row until 47 sts"

There are also instructions, later on to decrease 1 st at the *end* of the row.

I know there are left and right decreases, and that's where I'm having the problem. Which one do I use at the beginning, and which one do I use at the end of the row? The overall pattern is stockinette and all decreases are done in the knit rows.

One last question: in the quotes above, it says to decrease every 4 th row. Would it go like this:


I hope this makes sense! Thanks!
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