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Thanks for answering back I'll be sure to post a picture as well as soon as I finish - if I'm successful, I'll probably show off to anyone who will look!

I did have another question, but this is more conceptual than pattern-based:

The bear I'm doing is basically knitting up pieces and then stitching the pieces together. So an arm is two separate pieces stitched together, the body is the same, etc.

Since I can essentially decide whether to angle right of left when decreasing (as long as I'm consistent) does that mean that I should do the *opposite* for the second piece?

So, for example, if I'm knitting the front piece of the body, and I decide that when decreasing at the beginning of the row I will go to the right (k2tog) and at the end I'll go left (ssk), once I finish and begin on the back piece of the body, would I then reverse it and go left at the beginning of the row (ssk) and right at the end (k2tog), when called for?

Since it's a stockinette and I'll want the smooth pieces facing outward, I'll stitch it with the smooth pieces facing each other before I flip it to stuff. I just want to make sure all the pieces line up correctly.

So would I reverse, or just do it exactly the same both times?

Some of this may be more evident once I actually start, I just want to be prepared beforehand. Not an awful lot of the rows actually have me decreasing at both ends on the same row; most of the time it's just decrease on one row, knit/purl for awhile and then decrease again.

Again, thanks for all the help!
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