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My most used needles are Knit Picks Options Sunstruck and I got them when they were 20% off, still a fairly large outlay for me but I'd been saving up and got them a little sooner than I expected. I have aluminum dpns, don't know the brand(s) probably Boye and a set of bamboo dpns and again it was whatever brand was at the store that day. I have some fixed circs I got from Lion Brand but mostly they've never been used, maybe someday. I decided fairly early on that interchangables were going to be less spendy in the long run because I wouldn't need to buy a different fixed circ in each length that I needed and because the tips can be removed and a project left on the cable I didn't need to get multiple sets of the same size. Geeze, I know I have others, I gotta quit buying needles!
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