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Have mercy on the poor yarn and loosen up
Originally Posted by Lizars1735 View Post
I agree that the tension is great with english. For me it's so great that I think I knit too tightly. I avoid patterns that say things like k3tog or p3tog just because I can't imagine actually having to do that. I have enough trouble with 2 together. I also find purling way to tedious the way I do it. I actually have to let go of the right needle to wrap the yarn. That's why I want to learn continental. I need to find a smooth way to knit, and also avoid poking myself with the dpn's!

Knitting Too Tight

Knitting Help - Help for Tight Knitters

Be kind to yourself and work on knitting more loosely. It is easier on your hands, wrists, arms, your whole body. Since I've started knitting more loosely, my neck and shoulders aren't tensing up so much. I get the idea that your problem may be more technique than the style of knitting you use, I know that's true for me.
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