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Border for crocheted afghan
Since I promised my girls that I'd make them each a sweater and one of them lives in Texas, she opted for an afghan instead for her couch.
That said, the pattern she picked out is done with 2 strands of worsted weight, I'm using Encore, and since she doesn't want the fringe on the ends I am going to put a simple border all the way around. There isn't any border posted with the pattern.
My question is, since the body is done with 2 strands do I need to do the border with 2 as well or can I just do 1? I'm not sure I'll have enough yarn left to do 2 strands all the way around.
The afghan is 2 colors, one section is large granny squares with puff stitches and the other section is more open with puff stitches and chains. The sections are alternating so will alternate the border colors as well.
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