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I don't think they are twisted. I know the knit stitches are fine. When I purl I wrap counter clockwise (is that the right way?), and I know that I purl tight because I let go of the right needle and wrap it.

As far as not being broke, I think it is. I've been knitting a lot this past week to finish a birthday gift, and I'm in pain all the way from my right wrist to the elbow. I think it's from the way I move my wrist and index finger. There is no guarantee that continental style will ease this, but it is a different motion from the right. Also, if I try to adjust my English style to knit fasterand not let go of the right needle to purl it will be just like learning a new way to knit anyway.
It is frustrating. I love knitting, but I don't like how slow I go, that I knit too tight, and of course, the recent pain. When I started knitting, I wanted to knit tight, but now that I have been doing it for a few years, I'm seeing the problems it's causing and now I feel like I need to learn all over again. But I'm so glad I found this forum. People are so helpful and full of great ideas.
Thank you all so much!
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