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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
I find it's easier to follow a knitting pattern than a crochet pattern. With some crochet patterns I've worked I have problems with getting the last sts at the end of a row right and want to turn before the row is finished. I don't know why. Sometimes learning to fudge a bit, as with the number of chains, helps. Having extra chains is much better than being a few or even one short when you need a really long chain (say 100+) to start.
I have trouble with simple things like, "sc in second ch from first ch." Now my brain goes, 'Which one is the first one? the first one that I chained from the beginning or the first one from the crochet hook part going the other way?' I figure if it wants next to the first one I chained, then it would make a circle and they'd say 'join' or something and start talking about rnds, right? But that takes some getting to, from the first time I read that.

I'd hate to think crocheters are smarter than we are...
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