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My sister said something to me about a crochet and a half. I had no idea what she was talking about. She showed me what she was doing, it was a hdc. Her DIL learned to crochet from her grandmother and found out recently that what she called a sc is something else, thought I've no idea what, maybe a hdc or maybe a British sc. Working patterns with either of them is something I'd not even try, my NIL did say she'd always wondered why patterns didn't work out for her.

You never count the loop on your hook as in, sc in second chain from hook, you'd count the first one not on the hook as one, then sc in the next.

Rounds. When you're working rounds, look up a video! Or ask if you can't find one. Someone can probably provide a link.

If you're serious about really learning to crochet and work with patterns, I think bethintx1 on youtube has some videos about that, mikeysmail might (he irks me, he said something like, I do this because I'm a professional about something and that really got to me) and he doesn't/didn't know what a ripple afghan is (maybe ripple is a U.S. term and since he's in Canada....), and calls his yarn string (I know, I know, I'm nitpicking) but he's good and lots of people like him. There are lots of others too.

When you work rounds that are joined, it's easier to tell when you reach the end of the round than when working spiral, marking the stitch helps.

"I'd hate to think crocheters are smarter than we are..." Perish the thought! Some people read knit and crochet equally well and are adept at both. What'ca think about them?
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