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sweater construction
I am knitting a sweater and I need help very badly. I have knitted one other sweater. I am an intermediate knitter. Here are the directions I am having trouble with: Knit the back in pattern until is reaches 21 1/4 in. Done. Shape Neck. Work on this set of sts only for right back neck. Keep patt correct, dec one st at neck edge on next 5 rows (52)sts. Done.
Shape Shoulder, here's where I get lost. Bind off 17 sts at beg of next row and foll alt row. Work 1 row. Bind of REM 18 sts. (There are NOT 18 rem. sts, there are 35) With right side facing, sl center 39 sts onto a holder, rejoin yarn to rem sts for left back neck and patt to end. Patt 1 row. Complete as given for right back neck.

Ok, I hoped the pattern was wrong and should have said "then bind off rem 35 sts", so I did that. Then I repeated for the other side, reversing where needed. Now I'm left with the 39 in the center, the neck, and I don't know what to do with them!!

The next set of instructions is for constructing the left and right front. Can someone help me? I've done so much work on this back piece and I'm ready to turn it into a funny shaped baby blanket. Thank you for any help!!
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