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So let me rephrase your question, your problem: you have successfully cast on your stitches, but now you're "stuck" about what comes next.

If this is where you're "stuck"....with your cast on stitches, here's what comes next: put that needle in your left hand, and use the other (bare) needle in your right hand and begin to "knit" the cast-on stitches, which moves them one-by-one from that left needle to the right needle.

When all the left hand needle cast on stitches have been knit and are now sitting on the right needle, put the right needle with all the new knits into your left hand....and use the new 'bare' needle in your right hand and begin the process all over again.

If I have wrongly interpreted your question, please clarify how you're "stuck". We want to be helpful here at Knitting Help!
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