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Another question: where to find small needles?
I'm making a teddy bear and the pattern calls for 3mm needles for the bear and 2 3/4 mm needles for the nose.

I've looked in a couple of craft stores as well as online and the smallest I can find is 3.25 mm. Most of these are double pointed needles, which isn't want I want/need. The local craft store I've been to only carried the 3.25 needles in a brand that I really hate (I had a problem I posted here in the past where the needles oxidized and stained my yarn). They also carry wooden needles, but the smallest in that size I believe is a 4.5 mm.

There is a local yarn store that I can look at, but I'm not sure if she carries needles or only yarn.

Any ideas? I assume that the needles need to be small so that the stitches are tighter and the stuffing doesn't show - am I correct in that assumption? The nose is decorative and sewn on later so I can use whatever size needles I choose for that, but I don't want to knit a whole bear just to realize I should have used smaller needles!

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