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Need some tips for stitch uniformity
Hello all, I'm new to knitting, in fact just started Friday past.

I'm trying to make myself a scarf to keep myself warm when I'm out enjoying my favorite hobby of flying my model aircraft. I'm using #4 needles and a simple garter stitch for the project. I'm planning on blocking it when done. I've restarted the project several times since Friday and am getting a bit miffed.

Last night I decided it was too wide and decided to start over, which was a good idea. I took what I had learned the other 4 times I started over and doing my cast on row it came out the best yet. The second row was a bit of a nuisance. I am having trouble with my stitches not being uniform. I will get to a point where some of the stitches are tight and too close together and at other points they feel a bit loser and are much easier to work with.

Does anyone have any tips on keeping stitches uniform in size?

So far I have enjoyed learning, and am finding it somewhat relaxing when not frustrated by missing a stitch or losing one.

Forgot to mention I'm using a worsted weight yarn. In case you need to know that.
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