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Originally Posted by Rie View Post
This method really shines when you are working ribbing or seed stitch and you no longer have to switch the yarn from back to front as you move from knit to purl. Then miles of moss stitch become fun! happydance:
You can always use it just for the ribbing of sweaters and then use the regular method for stockinette. I know I already mentioned this, but I just love talking about how much this method has helped my hands and wrists!
Rie, I just tried the Norwegian purl and I love it!! It's so great to purl with the yarn behind. I did a practice ribbing and it was great. My stitches are totally loose and I need a lot of practice (for all I know, I'm supposed to knit that loose), but it will definitely go along way with my continental knitting practice. Since I just learned continental, doing the Norwegian purl doesn't feel awkward, it feels good. I just have to watch out for accidental yarn overs.....
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