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Originally Posted by starbuckundomiel View Post
Ahhh... so that's a foundation sc... I always thought that was what my mom called a half-double crochet.
The foundation sc and the half-double crochet are not the same stitch, so take note of that.

Originally Posted by starbuckundomiel View Post
When going around and around, how do you keep track of what row you're on?!
Yes, it's probably best to place some sort of marker (like a safety pin or paper clip) in the first stitch of the round. Once you become experienced at recognizing stitches, you probably won't need the marker. For example, if you're making a doily, and the first instructions of the round are to chain 10, well, you'll probably notice this big loop when you come back around to it. Meanwhile, stitch markers are the way to go.

When working in rows, it's a good idea to use a stitch marker to mark the stitch you will crochet into after your turning chain. So place your marker in the next to the last stitch of the row, work last stitch of row, work your turning chain, and then you know where the next stitch should go.

I find crochet much easier than knitting, but I learned it first and have pretty well mastered everything crochet (except for those dratted foundation stitches, which I despise)!
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