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Originally Posted by dudeKnit View Post
@suzeeq, I am a male LMAO.

It's the 21st century men knit and sew now as well.
Sorry about that, wasn't paying attention to your username! lol

Really, if you go up in needle size to at least a 9, a 10 would be better, you'll still get nice even stitches, especially with a little practice. Smaller needles make tight stitches, not necessarily even ones, and it's hard on your hands to knit at that gauge. Besides the neat even stitches you see in pictures are after the item has been washed and dried, often several times. While most of us develop a consistent tension after a while, we still get wonky sts as we knit - the secret to the items looking good comes with washing or blocking it when you're done.

I agree that bamboo needles work pretty well, I like all my Clovers, and I would suggest you get circulars, even though with clovers you need to dip the cord only in hot water to uncurl them. But you can knit flat things on circs and after you get more experience will come in handy for knitting in the round.
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