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Originally Posted by dudeKnit View Post
Firstly thank you all for your input it is very welcome. I do believe the needles are 4 US, will have to make sure when I get home. The yarn is acrylic, and yes they are metal (aluminum I think) needles.

This is the stitch size I'd like to have.

Not sure if that is doable with my current skill level or not, either way I've nothing but time so I don't mind keeping at it.

@suzeeq, I am a male LMAO.

It's the 21st century men knit and sew now as well.

I think your username gives a hint that you're male. That's OK, we don't hold it against you. Seriously, it's so cool to see guys knitting, I think it's good for the soul and spirit of anyone. There are a number of knitters of the masculine persuasion here and they're just more knitters to me.

The picture you linked to doesn't indicate a gauge but as you're wanting to make a scarf, gauge (sts/inch) isn't crucial as long as you are happy with the width you achieve. The picture is garter stitch, every row is a knit row. If you're using a larger needle with worsted weight yarn then you should get a comparable look and a softer fabric which I think you would want for a scarf. Don't be too hard on yourself if you have some inconsistencies, practicing knitting and knitting and knitting some more will help with that.

Dr. Who scarves are popular, as you can see here. Take a few minutes and join ravelry to get access to all the features there including lots and lots of patterns, many of them free. Ravelry is free to join too. When you look at the patterns you'll see yarn and needle size suggestions, don't expect your sts/inch to exactly match that given in a pattern. Some people knit more loosely and some knit more tightly. New knitters usually knit tight.
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