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I do work quite a bit with code, started back in the 80's with a Commodore 64 and writing basic code in that to make the little balloon fly across the screen. Then in the 90's I started recoding games, it snowballed from there, and I discovered I had an aptitude for it, at the time I was working as a mechanic. FF and for the last 12 years I've been working at a finance company on computers. Never been to school for computers, I've just read tons of documents on computers. As for Aspergers I know several people with it to varying degrees and all are pretty much brilliant. In fact the bittorrent protocol responsible for most of the piracy uproar of the last 10 years was thought up and written by someone with Aspergers. To date it's the definitive way to transfer large files over the internet. It was brilliant and elegant in it's simplicity.

I do find that I like to tinker, I don't spend much time watching tv, I'd rather be learning a language or building something or learning something new, hence the wanting to learn knitting.

I am using metal needles, number 4's 3.5mm, the yarn I'm using is Red Heart it's a medium number 4 yarn, suggested needle is number 5, stitch count per inch is just over 4 stitches and it is 100% acrylic.

IslandTime, I've spent a fair amount of time fishing, even done some fly fishing but never tied my own flys. Fly fishing is very fun. My father used to say "God never takes the time a man spends fishing away from him".

The knitting is my latest foray, into various hobbies and activities to keep me busy and out of trouble. I also do it because my daughter does and the two of us are fairly competitive with each other.
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