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Originally Posted by Lizars1735 View Post
Rie, I just tried the Norwegian purl and I love it!! It's so great to purl with the yarn behind. I did a practice ribbing and it was great. My stitches are totally loose and I need a lot of practice (for all I know, I'm supposed to knit that loose), but it will definitely go along way with my continental knitting practice. Since I just learned continental, doing the Norwegian purl doesn't feel awkward, it feels good. I just have to watch out for accidental yarn overs.....
That's great to hear! I think I hit a new knitting level when I learned this method because I can knit for hours now without fatigue.
Your stitches will tighten up over time and those yarn overs will disappear as well. You might want to try a project like a basic ribbed scarf or the GAP-tastic cowl in an inexpensive frog-forgiving yarn and you will have that muscle memory by the end of it guaranteed.
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