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Problem with Leg warmers - too big!

I just started to knit. I finished my first scarf and wanted to do something else to wear this winter. I decided to make a pair of legwarmers. First I tried to do them with circular needles but I was not really ready. So i decided to knit them with regular needles and seam them. I just finished the first one and, although it is a little smaller than the pattern I used (like 1/2 inche) it is still to big for my legs. Is there a way to make it smaller? I was thinking on seaming the ends overlapping each other. I know this would look weird but It's the only thing I can think of.
Also, this is only the first one. How should I correct this for the other?
The patter is in ravelry

I also realized that I made a mistake: instead of doing st st (knitting all rounds with circular needles) I knitted all rounds (except the ribbing).

Many thanks for your help!!

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