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Originally Posted by dudeKnit View Post
Well last night on my 7th row I decided it was too wide, so I started over. This time I really took my time casting on and tried to make the cast on stitches as uniform as possible as well as attempted to maintain uniform spacing and tension. I got 2 rows done so far and this is the best looking attempt yet.

On the previous attempt I believe I picked up stitches, how does that happen? I started with 75 stitches, this time I went with 67, but where do extra stitches materialize from? Is it really necessary to count stitches in each row?

I will also be picking up larger needles both in bamboo as well as the connected circular kind. I'm ready to experiment and see which style I like best.
Suzeeq is right about the "accidental YO's", I've been bit by that bug more than I can tell you. And that may very well be what's happening to you, but it wouldn't be when you're transitioning from knit to purl 'cos ... you're not doing that if you're working in garter stitch. But something that still happens to me once in a while is I'll get a loop from the previous row hung on the left hand needle, which looks for all the world like another stitch and the next thing you know... it IS another stitch 'cause I just knitted it. Or, you put the work down for a few minutes and when you pick it back up the working yarn has wrapped around the needle and... same thing happens. Or as you're wrapping the yarn for a stitch you accidentally wrap it "doubled up" and ... one stitch becomes two on the next row. (In that particular case you should be able to see two loops coming out of the same stitch when you get back around to it.)

So... no, you don't have to count the stitches in every row, but if you're seeing a lot of this you might want to deploy stitch markers every x stitches and check when you get to the end of a section. It's a lot quicker to count 10 (or 20 or whatever) sts since the last marker than it is to count 60 sts since the beginning of the row.
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