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How can I copy the pattern for this scarf?
Hey all, first time poster here with a question!

I'm an amateurish knitter (been doing it for about 6 months) and so far I've mainly stuck to knitting scarves for myself, and as gifts. For my next project I have another scarf in mind, but this might be a bit more adventurous than my previous projects. I want to copy a dior homme scarf from 2005. I've managed to find measurements online (after rigorous searching!) and I already have the perfect alpaca wool for it.

Good pictures are hard to find (as the scarf is from an old collection) but these are the best 2 I have.

It looks to me like a kind of horizontal rib, but the 'ridges' are much slimmer than the 'gaps' (I guess the ridges are knits and the gaps are pearls?)

Can anyone offer any advice? Also, if this is a horizontal rib, which is almost a variant of stockinette, is there any risk of the scarf curling?

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