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Originally Posted by dudeKnit View Post
Been on the phone over an hour now with one branch trying to diagnose a dead NIC. I love it when they say it's plugged in and they are looking at the power cables, or better yet when you ask them if the computer is on and they say yes, I turned the screen on.

My all time cake taker was a manager that I spent 45 minutes trying to troubleshoot a printer that wasn't printing went through the whole shabang, including deleting and reinstalling drivers still nothing finally he suggests he check the paper tray, lo it was out of paper. The first question I had asked him was if paper was in the printer.

There needs to be an emote for head explode.

On another note last night I restarted my project, and I think tonight I'll start over again. I finally see where I am picking up extra stitches. When I begin my first stitch in a new row I have been picking up the loop and wrapping around that, instead of picking up the loop then picking the next one and winding. I think I'm doing the same on the last loops of a row as well.

I think you need to go here and watch what Amy does. Sometimes seeing it in action helps a lot.

I bet you're one of those people who insists the cupholder on my computer is actually for a DVD to go into. Really, the strange ideas people get.

There, I saved you the trouble of inserting the emoticons on a reply.
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