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Knitting the Flap
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There are typically two kinds of knits you'll encounter in yarn, I've found. One is where the manufacturer had to splice to pieces together, so once you get the knot untied you have two pieces of yarn. Those I just fix with scissors and horse on. The second kind is one that's resulted from me getting the yarn in a hopeless tanlged up mess. Those I usually try to untie because... I don't like joining any more than I have to. I've found that a really, REALLY strong pair of those heap reading glasses you get at the drugstore helps a lot for this purpose. And other purposes as well. I'll also take a small needle, say a US 4 or so, to help pry the knot open. You gotta be careful when you do that not to unply the yarn too much, but I usually find that it does less damage than trying to yank on it from the outside.
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