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Originally Posted by fatoldladyinpjs View Post
I don't think these are beginner instructions. It takes some skill to do something like that. I have a toe up sock pattern (my own made up one) that starts out with a cast on of 4, increase, and join. But I also have several years experience doing magic loop with circulars. The first few rows are tight. But you have to keep plugging in there. I think the reason for the 4 stitches is to reduce the hole on top. I cast on 4, join, increase stitches, then pull the tail tight to close up the hole at the end of the first row.

For what it's worth, I think the patterns tell you to use 16 inch circulars then switch to double points for the decreases so they can sell you more needles. I use 32 inch circulars for hats and that's because that's the longest one that came with my set. Eventually, I want to get a 40 inch. I use traveling or single loop for the main body of the hat and switch to magic loop for the decreases.

Is the toe start your invention? I'm trying to think how it works so I can try it. I saw a sock pattern for top-downs that ended with pulling the yarn through the last stitches as for a hat and was wondering how to make it work toe-up. I even thought about a provisional cast on and then adding the toe, but I don't think I like that idea. It is possible for a circ cable to be too long for comfortably MLing I found. I had to tink mittens and wanted to use a smaller needle so I used another cable which was loooong and decided that's not a good way to go. LOL
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