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Skippy was a very unusual cat. DD decided she wanted a Manx and found out that Concern for Animals had one. She rescued the cat from them, in effect. He'd been kept in a carrier for weeks because he attacked another cat, and if they'd realized she had other cats they never would have let her take him as they were sure he'd kill any cat he was around. She told me she had to take him and give him a chance, he couldn't stay where he was, so he came home with her. He had his moments. He'd been abused, we think by a man because he didn't like men and was particularly not fond of their feet. I don't remember now how she kept the peace with her other cats and Skippy, but he survived. He really was convinced he was alpha and could be downright mean, but she made him lie on his back in her arms like a baby until he decided not to fight it anymore; eventually she only did it on rare occasions. He was unique. I was convinced he had a retractable opposable thumb, the things he did when we weren't looking. He was way too smart was part of his problems in life before my DD got him. We all miss Skippy.
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