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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
I'm not sure it's totally accurate to say they have NO memory but the cables for the Knit Picks and Knitters Pride needles are very flexible and don't need to be bathed in scalding water before use. I like them. I have one set of the Cubics and personally prefer the round needles. Square or round, like anything else about needles, is totally a personal preference.
Wendy has the Knitters Pride Dreamz interchangeable sets and LOVES them. I have a couple of them in US 10.5 that I got for my current project (because they were available in the size/length combo I needed and cost less than the Addi Turbos). I'm partial to Hiya Hiya stainless circs myself, but they're not available anywhere locally, so I have to wait for them. And the whole waiting thing is something I'm not real good at.

I have no complaints about the Dreamz -- so far. Figured I'd try out a couple and see how they worked out. I did the same with the Hiya Hiyas, thinking that if I liked them I might go all in and get the interchangeable set. I'd wind up spending about the same on either one, so I might as well test drive both of 'em.
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