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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
Great input, mojo!

Madame Psycho is irrational enough to make one's life miserable for months, emailing, messaging, threatening. It's really quite horrid how she treats customers who have plunked down their money for her pdf's. I own about ten. I'm sure I'm not the only customer she's terrorizes. I've determined to report her to the Ravelry higher-up's next tinge she harasses me in the smallest way. Plus, I've actually since read that Ravelers can say whatever they want about a design they're knitting in their personal project notes. Don't know if that extends to the group forums. I left Madame Psycho's Fan Group a long time ago. She jumped down my throat for asking a question about a sweater I was knitting. I was stuck. (there actually turned out to be a small pattern error fire my size). She deleted my question, and messages a nasty note saying questions have to be submitted via her website Q&A. She also claimed that in describing my question, in detailing how and where I was stuck, I revealed too much pattern information. Really??? (btw, I did not reveal much!)
Eventually if she does enough of this, people will quit buying her stuff because it's just not worth it. I don't care HOW good it is, it's not THAT good. Besides, given a good enough photo of the thing, a lot of patterns can be reserves engineered anyway. AND, they'll probably be just different enough to be "materially different". So take that Miss Poopie Head Psycho Nut Beast... from HELL.

I'm not on Ravelry... I tend to avoid "social media" in general. (This forum being a notable exception of course.) And this kind of thing is one of the major reasons why.
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