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Thank you for the link I'll have to check that out.

Tonight I'll get stopping by a craft store and picking up one of those magnifier lighted delios. My eyes are getting old and even with glasses it's hard to see the stitches. I think that will help tons, and the better lighting.

As for my picking up extra stitches, I restarted the project no less than twice last night. For some reason the first 2 rows are outstanding, and the 3rd or 2nd not counting the cast row comes out wonky.

I'll also be picking up larger needles as suggested and a circular style needle set as well.

Another question I have is local yarn sources. I've done Micheals (not really a big selection of stuff at my local store) also done JoAnn Fabrics and wasn't impressed with their stuff either. Does anyone have other suggestions on where to purchase or which stores tend to cater more directly to knitting?
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