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Cascade Eco Duo
Has anyone else here used this yarn? And if so, what was your experience with it? On paper, I love it. It's undyed, 70% alpaca 30% merino and soft like buttah. But what I'm finding is that it's ... unplying as I work with it. That may not be the right technical term, and in fact may not actually be what it's doing, but the symptoms are that it's turning to fluff and the marl is fading into oblivion. And I don't know if it's the yarn or just me. Probably it's just me, which is both good and bad in that if it's me I can DO something about it... if I know what. If it's the yarn, then I'm kinda stuck with what it does.

By way of general information (I don't know if any of this is relevant) I'm working 2 strands together on US 10.5 needles for a gauge of about 3.5-4 sts/in. I'm not noticing that it's overly tight -- or loose for that matter. According to Jimmy Beans, the gauge should be about 4-5 sts/in on US 8 for one strand, so I don't feel like I'm overtaxing 2 strands at this gauge (but who knows?).

Any thoughts on what's going on here? I really like the yarn, and in this particular project, it's not a HUGE issue, but it doesn't seem like it ought to be behaving this way.
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