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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
I think it's a single ply or loosely plied so may untwist easier. Watch how you turn at the end of a row that you don't go the same direction all the time, and if you do LT CO you might have to let go of the thumb yarn to let it wind up again. Also the way you hold and wrap the yarn might untwist it somewhat.

I would also suggest you use a larger needle too, because you'd probably get the same gauge single stranded on the 10s you are now with it doubled. It's really a light bulky/aran not a worsted, so doubled up would be more of a super super bulky and the gauge would be something like 2-3 sts per inch which you should get on size 11 or 13. A true worsted doubled would be a super bulky in the first place, not a bulky.
I didn't use the LT CO, but I'll watch the turns and the yf/yb's and see if that might be doing it. I sorta suspected it might be coming from the way I was wrapping it around the needle (which may be part of it) but I didn't think about what was happening in the turnaround at the end of a row.

As for the gauge/weight, I'm just going by what's listed. The Cascade Eco and Eco+ are bulky weight, but the Eco Duo? It's about the same (to my eye anyway) as Cascade 220. This is the stuff I'm using:

But thanks! I have some things to watch now. I suspect it's more the knitter than the yarn... it usually is -- at least when the knitter is me
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