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It seems that when I'm yarning fwd I'm increasing by 1, because if I knit (yarn is to back) bring the yarn to the front (yarn forward) then knit again it is having the same effect as yarning over, ie adding a stitch. When I do this now I am only left with 1 stitch to knit at the end of the row, instead of 3! Yet, when I count the stitches it adds up to 28.
Then on the next row when I yrn then purl to end that makes 29, which is correct.
The next row asks me to repeat the first row.Again I had 1 stitch to knit at the end, instead of 3, again giving 28.
The I must yrn and knit to end (29) and repeat theses 4 rows until it reaches a certain length.
The knitting is starting to take on the correct shape according to the picture, so maybe the pattern is wrong, not me?? Maybe it should read k1 instead of k3 at the end of the first row?
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