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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
OMG we'll all get arrested, fined, put on bread and water for mixing and matching. I did that for years with sewing patterns then someone at a fabric store said you can't mix brands when you do it so I said I guess I better not do that anymore. As for knitting garments for myself, anything that goes on the torso must be modified to fit. No off-the-shelf pattern is likely to work.
When a designer can prove to me that s/he invented and own the rights to the 4-stitch cable, I'll gladly capitulate. Until then, I'll be guerrilla Frankenknitter. Viva la revolucion! (Maybe I'll even make myself a felted black beret with a little red star on it or sump'n. I still have some black and red Cascade 128...)
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