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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
"All of this begs the requisition if yrn=YO and yfwd=yo then why use 2 different <expletive> instructions to say the same thing?"

My best guesses:

Patterns are written according the custom of the country they are written in

Patterns are written by people from different generations and terminology changes

Old patterns get updated and terminology from yesteryear gets mixed with terminology for the time the pattern was updated, which may or may not have happened this decade or this century

Patterns are written by people and people do things their own way

In addition to differences by country and maybe continent, there are probably regional differences as well....much as in Stephen King books he talks about a breakdown lane which I think is called a shoulder here.

Go figure. Patterns written by real people in a real world are imperfect and sometimes rather unclear.

Yes, it makes me grumpy!
I get all of the above. People say things differently in different places/times. And yeah, considering it's a nativity, the pattern could be as much as 2000 years old.

But isn't that what EDITORS ARE FOR??? You'd think that in the process of getting this to publication SOMEBODY would have asked this question. I know if I submitted documentation with something similar in it, I'd have gotten it back with a sternly worded WTF on it.

Makes me grumpy too
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