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I think this begs the question - since you have the directions - just how much would you have to CHANGE the pattern, in order to call it your own? Or to at least be able to share it freely. That'd seem like the simplest way around it to me. Or could you make SOME changes, then give credit by acknowledgment that this pattern was inspired by a pattern originally published by so-and-so on such-and-such a date?

I'm pretty sure there's something specified in this way when it comes to cookbooks...?

Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
Over at Ravelry, in the Pattern page for the Hooded Ribbed Jacket seen in that 1973 McCalls booklet, I posted my 2 cents in the comments section:

"It’s a crying shame that McCall’s has allowed this design to become lost, and unavailable to 21st Century knitters. With copyright laws that can lock up the design for 95 years from the publishing date, and maybe longer if McCall’s extends the copyright…it makes the design totally unavailable to 21st Century knitters. There are a few vintage copies of the Leaflet/booklet found on Ebay auction/bid basis only, but this hardly qualifies as a viable resource."

I may write to McCall's as well.
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